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Come to OrcaCon 2018 - January 12-14, 2018! OrcaCon 2018 focus is on highlighting games and art created and published by Indigenous voices in the tabletop games industry.

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OrcaCon Guests of Honor

We've invited some amazing guests to OrcaCon. Check them out!

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Register for OrcaCon 2018 today!

Register today for OrcaCon 2018. Online registration is available until December 26th.

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Contact the OrcaCon Team

Got questions about how to be involved at OrcaCon 2018? Drop us an email!

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Feedback from OrcaCon Attendees!

My friends and I started going to game conventions this summer at Dragonflight and had such a great time that we were excited to talk with people from Orcacon. Months of anticipation did not disappoint as we woke up early and played late into the night. Volunteers were very nice and it was very well organized. We are all definitely coming every year, and my friend and I were very lucky to go for the VIP membership!

OrcaCon was awesome! The game room was well organized and the staff was welcoming and knowledgeable. For a first year Con, the turn out was wonderful.

It was a great event. I was busy though. Never made it to any other room but the gaming room

What a nice, well run event. Plenty of people who look like they're having a good time. Bravo! I tip my hat to you. Very proud of the Dreamcon connection.

DnD Adventures League was awesome, great DMs and fellow players, can't wait till next year!