Register for OrcaCon 2019

Thank you for attending OrcaCon 2018.

We know everyone’s been waiting for registration for 2019 to go live, and we’re now ready! We’re offering you a special rate for a week, just like we did last year for 2017 attendees. Go here to register:

Here’s a couple of notes for you.

Whilst we have in previous years, absorbed the fees from Eventbrite & payment processing, we’re unable to continue to do so. We want OrcaCon to continue to pay our bills each year and bring more exciting things to you for the show. This  will definitely help us!

The costs of booking the event space is going up slightly, along with some other costs. We’ve kept our registrations pretty low over the last few years. For us to continue bringing you an excellent show, we’ve had to bump up the prices just a bit. As always, the earlier you can register, the better it is for you and for us, as that gives us plenty of cashflow to pay for everything before the event such as marketing, programs, Wi-Fi for Merchants, hardware & software technology, signage, office suplies and more printers/lanyards and more. We’re a completley volunteer-run event, so we’re basically starting fresh on our budet every year after we pay the hotel and taxes.

We try to be as transparent as possible and you’re always welcome to reach us at We’ve scheduled our first public meeting and we’ll have some volunteer roles up on our website soon, if you’re interestd in helping us out.

We have lots of information for 2019 up on the site already, from hotel reservations (yay!) to GoH/Special Guests (a growing list!). Check it out!

As always, you can reach me via email at any time. If you’re going to be at Emerald City Comic Con, stop by and chat us up on the 2nd Floor in the games area!

Happy fun & games!

Donna Prior
OrcaCon Executive Director

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About the author

Donna Prior, Executive Director Donna is the Organized Play Manager at Catan Studio and is the Executive Director of OrcaCon. Donna is on the Community Management Advisory Board at the Game Developers Conference. She has spoken about building communities, diversity, harassment, and accessibility at the Game Developers Conference, numerous times at PAX / PAXDev, Gen Con, Mensa Annual Gathering, NorWesCon, and the Community Manager Conference in Leipzig, Germany. Donna is a gamer and a beer geek, often combining both hobbies while teaching new people to game and appreciate beer. She’s also insists she is NOT a Hobbit. You can follow Donna on Twitter: @_Danicia_. Find her also on