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Game Demo Tables

We’ve got some great companies who will be demoing their games at OrcaCon 2018. We’ll have more updates closer to the show, but here’s our initial list. If you’re interested in submitting your game for the Demo Table Program, you can submit here:

OrcaCon is proud to feature the Lady Planeswalkers Society,
A Welcoming Place for All Genders to Learn to Play Magic: The Gathering

Lady Planeswalkers Society

Founded in Seattle in 2011 by Tifa Robles, the Lady Planeswalkers Society aims to create welcoming, friendly environments for all genders to learn Magic: The Gathering. We host events for all skill levels to battle Magic in an alternative space!

Breaking down the barriers of entry into Magic is the number one goal of the group, but we also aim to provide a stepping-stone into tournament play.

With over 100 chapters in the world, this group has been very successful and continues to grow. Outside of running tournaments in stores every week, the group also teaches Magic at many conventions with a large, dedicated staff of experienced teachers.

Read about LPS on the Wizard’s archives by clicking here!

More Demo Tables!

Green Fairy Studios LLC –

  • Fairy Rade – Featuring all original artwork inspired by Art Nouveau, The Fairy Rade™ is a quick playing card game for 2 to 4 players, where each player is the leader of a Fairy Parade trying to trick humans into joining their procession.
  • Lygari! – Featuring all original artwork inspired by Art Nouveau, Lygari™ is a fun bluffing game for 3-6 players, where each player is one of the Einherjar in Valhalla boasting about their conquests!

WYSIWY Games –

  • Planet of the Apes: The Miniatures Boardgame – A co-operative tactical miniatures boardgame for 1-4 players

Cherry Picked Games –

  • Conspire is a hidden-role storytelling game about creating conspiratorial meetings of epic scope. It combines bluffing and social deduction with world-building and role-playing.
  • Far Away is a two-player cooperative game about exploring a new planet. Players must manage resources, their mission, and the emotional burden of being the only two people for light years to survive.
  • Drink! is a drinking game perfect for house parties. It’s easy to learn, quick to play, and rewarding for gamers and casual drinkers alike. Unlike most drinking games, the focus is on player interaction and icebreaking, not alcohol.
  • Catalyst is a role-playing game set in an alternate present in which demons have invaded, bringing with them war, plague, and magic. You are one of the remaining one-percent of humanity in a desperate struggle to survive.

Cabin 21 Games –

  • Solo Una Noche – A Luchador Wrestling card game for 2-4 players. For “One Night Only” put on your mask and immerse yourself in the world of Lucha Libre wrestling. Players use one of four character decks to win over the crowd and take down their opponent.

Weathergage Workshop –

  • Congress: The Board Game is a diplomacy and bluffing game inspired by American Politics. Players take the jobs of congresspersons who must compete for the most clout to make a run for president, but they also must balance their ambitions with their constituents’ needs if they wish to stay in office! The game takes place over three terms of three sessions each, wherein players propose bills, make amendments, and vote. Players whose bills pass receive nomination points, and after three terms, the player with the most nomination points wins the game.

Nicole Jekich

  • Food Truck Champion – In Food Truck Champion, you are the owner of a new food truck, out to make a name for yourself. Hire staff, cook food, and please customers to earn awards and gain popularity. At the end of the day, the food truck with the most popularity wins!

Groks Games –

  • Annihilation Zombies – Turn based zombie card game where you fight zombies, collect loot, and try to kill your friends before they kill you.

Zephyr Workshop  –

  • Zephyr Workshop is proud to bring you A.E.G.I.S., the premier tabletop game of combining robot combat! It’s a fast-paced, team building strategy game, where your squad of five giant combining robots fight as one united front. Build your squad from dozens of options in 5 different classes (Assault, Evasive, Guard, Intel, Support) to destroy your opponents!

Bravely Told Games –

  • Cult Following – A creative storytelling game where players use ideas from the deck to create ridiculous cults and pitch them to the other players.

Seeking Hero –

  • Oathen is a combat arena board game inspired by e-sports games. It provides a highly repayable experience through 6 different heroes, multiple game modes, a randomized arena, and action packed strategic game play.

James Stowe Illustration –

  • Sidekick Quests the Roleplaying Game – An introductory roleplaying game for kids and adults to play together

Corvitis Games –

  • Manok – An abstract strategy game wherein you manage a group of rum smuggler pirate ships trying to move rum from outlying islands into the the black market on Manok Island. Utilizes pickup/delivery, territory control, hidden knowledge, and memory mechanics in a fun, fast-paced strategy game with multiple victory conditions.

Flatout Games –

  • The Big Dig is a trick-taking, tableau-building, bag-pulling expedition into ancient buried chambers to uncover precious jewels. Players use character powers to win tricks or build their teams for the ultimate showdown when the legendary chamber is unearthed.