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Demo Tables

We’re excited to be able to offer space to game companies and developers to show off their games. We have a limited number of tables and slots available, which we can reserve for your game.

The Demo tables do not have power, but you’re welcome to set up signs, hand out flyers, and the like. We do not allow selling of games outside the Dealers Hall. If you are interested in selling your game at OrcaCon 2018, you are welcome to apply for a Dealers Table or work with one of our approved Dealers to sell your games through them. We’ll have more information on our approved Dealer list the closer we are to the convention.

With our theme on highlighting diversity and accessibility, priority will go to games which are fitting with our theme and mission, and will be on a first come, first serve basis.

The OrcaCon 2018 Demo Table Application Form will be online in the Spring. Please remember that Demo Tables are for game companies only. If you’re an individual who wishes to host a game, you can submit under our Scheduled Games program.

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