Industry Guests

OrcaCon is excited to have the following Guests of Honor and Special Guest for our 2019 show. This list will grow over time, and if you have a suggestion, you can submit it to us on our Guest Suggestion Form or email

Guests of Honor

Jeremy Crawford

Jeremy Crawford is the lead rules developer of Dungeons & Dragons at Wizards of the Coast, as well as the game’s managing editor. He is the co-lead designer of 5th edition, the lead designer of its Player’s Handbook, and the co-lead designer of its Dungeon Master’s Guide. Over the past decade, he has worked on numerous books for the game, spanning all its editions. Before coming to Wizards, he co-designed the Blue Rose roleplaying game and wrote for Mutants & Masterminds and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. He can be reached on Twitter (@JeremyECrawford), where he continues the Sage Advice tradition.

Special Guests

Liz Courts

Liz Courts – Liz blames her brother for all of this. An avid gamer for almost thirty years, Liz has worked on over 70 different RPG products, helped organize the first unofficial PaizoCon, started and headed the Wayfinder fanzine for its first four issues, went on to work for Paizo after being a member of its community for five years, and is now a mostly organic, free range freelancer. Liz also likes art, baking, coffee, and all things ninja, but not always in that order. She is not a werewolf.