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OrcaCon 2018 Venue Change

It’s time for an OrcaCon update! We have a lot to share here, so it’s important for everyone attending OrcaCon in 2018 to read this carefully. Let’s get to it!

We were recently contacted by our host hotel, the Delta by Marriott in Everett. For those of you who attended OrcaCon 2017, you know that we were under some interesting circumstances. The Holiday Inn was purchased by a new management group, and part of the hotel was under construction. We managed pretty darn well, and were excited for the upcoming remodel of the entire venue. We had been chatting with the new folks for months. Once they set a target date of opening, they set up the Hotel Reservation link for our group. So many of you jumped right on it, and we appreciate it!

We’ve been working hard on getting OrcaCon 2018 ready for you and then, we were contacted by the Marriott with some bad news. The construction is really far behind, and they won’t be open in enough time for OrcaCon in January.


They called around on our behalf and found us a great venue! We will have a lot more space, a lot more perks, with the same room rates. We went to talk to the recommended hotel and determined it would be a great fit. We signed a contract with the new hotel and it will be a great venue for OrcaCon 2018.

Where are we going, you ask? The Bellevue Hilton! Some of you may recognized the venue as the same hotel which hosts Dragonflight every summer, so we know they’ll be great at hosting our convention.

They’re offering the same hotel rates as before, so it’s not going to be an additional cost. We know that many of you might not need a hotel room, since we’ll be so much closer to Seattle. We’d love it if you still wanted to book, so you could enjoy gaming all night.

Here’s some things to know about the the rooms, and booking!

  1. Free parking!
  2. All rooms have a refrigerator and some with microwaves
  3. All rooms have a hideabed couch
  4. You can read more about the hotel accommodations here:

You can book rooms at the Bellevue Hilton by clicking here:

So what happens now? Well, we’ll be updating folks all over our socials, via Eventbrite, and more. For those of you who booked at the Delta at Marriott, you can go in and cancel your rooms, or you might be contacted by the hotel with a cancelation. We’re waiting to hear back and we should get a list of everyone who’s booked in our block, so we can follow up.  We’d love if they could move all of you, but since the hotels are owned by different companies, they won’t transfer automatically.

For those of you at the Best Western, you’ll need to cancel your own reservations, since we didn’t have room block with them. Without the room block, they don’t keep track of our attendees. If you have any questions at all regarding your hotel reservation, you can drop them to and we’ll help you sort it out.

What else do you need to know? Here’s some fun things for you!

  1. Did we mention free parking? If you book your room, it may say that parking is $20. They are waiving this for us, so you will not have to pay to enter and leave throughout the weekend. EVERYONE GETS FREE PARKING YAY!
  2. We’ll have Food Trucks! We wanted to support our mission of accessibility, and to help with your budget and food choices, we’re going to reach out to some and have them available throughout the con! Want to request one? Drop an email to and we’ll chat with them.
  3. Tap takeover! We’ll be able to bring back the Blackfish Stout and other tasty beers from Salish Sea Brewing. We’ll also be reaching out to a local cidery, so if you have a fave, you can email me at and see if we can get them, too!
  4. The VIP/Green Room will be much larger with some really cool perks! We know you’ll enjoy the Presidential Suite and Mary will still be your amazing hostess!

We’re very excited about the change in location and this will be the best OrcaCon so far! If you don’t have a hotel room, you don’t need to do anything different, other than showing up in Bellevue instead of Everett. If you have booked a room, see the instructions above, and email with any questions you might have.

We’ll be reaching out to everyone over the next week. That means our guests, our merchants, and everyone who’s already pre-registered for OrcaCon to make sure everyone knows about the new home of OrcaCon!

Any other questions or concerns? Drop me an email directly at