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OrcaCon Podcast

It’s been almost 3 years since the OrcaCon Pod of Organizers first came together to talk about putting on a convention. As we bring more and more folks together to help organize the convention, we find that there are some super talented folks in our organization. What does this mean?

Three podcasters in this party

That’s why we are truly excited about our podcast and the podcast team. Joe Costa is an experienced podcaster and Steve Hobbs is an expert at communications and public relations. They’re both huge nerds and they wanted to create something fun and special.

Steve and Joe with podcast equipment

Steve and Joe will be the ones keeping you up to date with the OrcaCon, local northwest conventions/events, and geeky news. That’s right, you will be hearing about other conventions! Why? Because we need to support our local game/geek community and celebrate our northwest nerdy culture. It’s all tied to the inclusiveness of OrcaCon.

Our OrcaCon High-tech Sound Studio

Our first podcast was an adventure. The only place we could find where everyone could meet was in Barry’s new apartment. We propped up some cardboard boxes, put up folding chairs, and bam! A sound studio was born.

Joe and steve reading podcast notes

Problems set in quickly, due to a new mic, and an audio program that was only recently loaded and unfamiliar. Steve, Joe, and Barry all crowded close to the one microphone and proceeded to make OrcaCon history.

As more podcasts are recorded, and as time marches on to January, we will make sure you are part of the OrcaCon family and experience. Please tune into the podcasts and drop an email to the Podcast Team at with your comments and questions. If you have a question about OrcaCon, chances are others have the same question!

Enjoy the show!