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Post by Chip Nolan, OrcaCon’s Volunteer Director.

Hello Everyone!

It’s that time of year, when Merchant and panel submissions are closed, game submissions are underway, and we start really ramping up our planning for the next OrcaCon. This is the perfect time to offer everyone the opportunity to join the team and become a member of team OrcaPod!

At OrcaCon, we believe the spirit of the show – and that feeling of welcome and warmth – stems from our team of wonderful volunteers. Our volunteers not only cover the logistical needs of OrcaCon, but they do so with a focus on accessibility and inclusion. We ask each volunteer to participate in an orientation before the show to review our show policies, and to learn how they can help the OrcaCon community have the best time they can have.

What sort of tasks do volunteers at OrcaCon do? We have all the necessary, important roles that every convention needs: registration, info desk, the library check-out desk. They help with setting up the show and tearing it down after the weekend is over. On top of those classic roles, we also have a special role called Game Host!

What are Game Hosts? Game Hosts embody the mission of OrcaCon by actively welcoming people into our gaming spaces, matching people with games and other players, and playing games with people. That’s right – your role as a volunteer could be to play games with everyone! You don’t need to be an expert in games, either. A winning way to be a game host is simply to say, “I haven’t played this game, lets learn to play it together!”

What do OrcaCon volunteers get for volunteering? Each volunteer receives a volunteer badge to OrcaCon, and an OrcaCon volunteer T-shirt.

Interested in lending a hand at OrcaCon, and sharing your love of games with the community? You can fill out a volunteer application! New volunteers will learn if they have been accepted in November. Can’t wait to start getting involved with OrcaCon? Be sure to watch our Facebook page to learn when our next planning meeting is taking place. Everyone who is interested in learning more about us or lending a hand is welcome there!

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About the author

Donna Prior, Executive Director Donna is the Organized Play Manager at Catan Studio and is the Executive Director of OrcaCon. Donna is on the Community Management Advisory Board at the Game Developers Conference. She has spoken about building communities, diversity, harassment, and accessibility at the Game Developers Conference, numerous times at PAX / PAXDev, Gen Con, Mensa Annual Gathering, NorWesCon, and the Community Manager Conference in Leipzig, Germany. Donna is a gamer and a beer geek, often combining both hobbies while teaching new people to game and appreciate beer. She’s also insists she is NOT a Hobbit. You can follow Donna on Twitter: @_Danicia_. Find her also on http://about.me/Danicia