Blackfish Scholarship

To truly fulfill our Mission Statement about making a space that is welcoming to all, we are excited to present the Blackfish Scholarship, named after our amazing mascot, the Orca. The Blackfish Scholarship is provided to marginalized folks who wish to attend OrcaCon for the day or for the weekend and need a little financial assistance to do so.

As the OrcaCon badges are provided by kind sponsors, we only have a limited number of them to go around and a scholarship is not guaranteed to everyone that applies. Our hope is that once our 501c3 hits, we’ll be able to truly gather donations to help with transit and food options, too.

If you wish to apply for the OrcaCon Blackfish Scholarship, you can click here to get to our application form.

Want to donate to the Blackfish Scholarship? You can send any amount of assistance via Paypal. Got a dollar? 100 dollars? We can use it all to bring more folks to our event. You can donate here:

Have questions? Email