OrcaCon is happy to announce that we will be hosting another Play & Win library with our friends at Double Exposure!

Play & Win is an easy way to take home a new game by doing what you are already doing: having fun playing games. It works like this: Check out a demo copy of one of the eligible games near the games library area and play a round (or more) with your friends. When you return the game, you’ll receive a raffle ticket, one ticket per player. You can drop your ticket into the cup for the game you hope to win. You can play as many of the Play & Win games as you like.

To ensure that as many folks as possible go home with a prize we ask that you limit the number of games you win to two—at least until we have given everyone a chance to get a game. It’s as simple as that!

Here is the list of games we received for the Play & Win library at OrcaCon 2020 – we will have a whole new list of games for OrcaCon 2022!

CytosisThe Grimm Masquerade
EmbarkThe Game of Things
Dawn of mankindFull Circle
Alien ArtifactsThe Logo Game
Tides of MadnessTiny Towns
Final WarWar Chest
Good Cop Bad CopSaboteur the lost mines game
Get me a freshs Braincarnival of monsters
PalacesPortal Heroes
Deadwood 1876Haven
Trip LockEight Minute Empires
Knuckle SammichMy Little Scythe
BearicadesBetween Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig
New York SliceBetween Two Cities
WerewordsJetpack Joyride
PapuaParanormal Detectives
Shuffle Grand PrixFuji Koru
Bad DoctorExodus Paris Nouveau
Boom Bang GoldAmui
Adventure LandThe Bottle Imp
Team 3Astro Drive
Roll for your Life, CandymanThe Resistance
ShobuCoup Hang Tag
Imnhotep The DuelDome Crushers
Lost CitiesNews@11
Roll For Adventure
Echinda Shuffle
Red flags the game of terrible dates