OrcaCon 2021 News

Greetings OrcaCon Friends,

As you know, the OrcaCon Board and Volunteer Team has been working hard behind the scenes to determine what to do about OrcaCon 2021. We have been in touch with the Bellevue Hilton and have determined that we will be cancelling the in-person OrcaCon 2021 for everyone’s safety. Even with a downsized convention, there’s not a way to predict we’d even be able to host an in-person convention in January.

That said, we will be back with OrcaCon Online, which will be the same dates as the original show. Those dates are January 8-10, 2021. Also, we have already booked the Bellevue Hilton for OrcaCon 2022, which will be January 7-9, 2022. We have already had discussions with our Guest of Honor and Special Guests, as we plan on inviting them all back for the 2022 show, and keeping our focus on Black creators in tabletop games.

We are still in discussions about what OrcaCon Online will look like, so you’ll want to be sure to follow our socials for all announcements. It won’t be as large and fancy as many online shows, but we are confident that you will enjoy our casual online event. It will be a free event, so everyone will be able to participate! More information coming soon.

Here are some FAQs:

I already registered; what happens now?

Eventbrite has implemented a new program, called Credits. We are leaving it up to you if you wish to get a refund, or if you wish to transfer your credits to the 2022 show. We have opened up the Eventbrite, so you can ask for a refund through the site with your choice. We plan on opening up the 2022 Eventbrite registration later in the year, and you’ll be able to transfer your credits at that time. If you have not asked for a refund/credits by December 1st, we will automatically refund you. Click on the Eventbrite link to process your refund or credit: https://orcacon2021.eventbrite.com

What about my hotel reservation?

The hotel will begin the process of automatically cancelling all OrcaCon 2021 room reservations within the next few days. OrcaCon 2022 room reservations will open up during OrcaCon Online in January 2021. 

If you booked a room outside of our room block, you’ll need to cancel it yourself. 

I submitted a game/panel/workshop, or an application for Merchant Hall or Community Row. What now?

We will reach out to you individually for future plans of OrcaCon Online and OrcaCon 2022. We already have lots of ideas and we’re pulling them together to see how we can support everyone’s content and submissions going forward.

How do I get involved in OrcaCon Online? 

Follow our social media, join our Discord, and keep an eye out for our newsletter. We will be making announcements about it once we’re ready to kick everything off!

I have other questions not in this FAQ. Where do I send them? 

You can email me directly at info@orcacon.org and I’ll respond as quickly as I can and forward your question to the correct department if needed. We’re all volunteers here, from the board to game hosts. Many of us are working full time plus managing families and all, so please be patient with our volunteer team.

See you online!

Donna Prior
OrcaCon Executive Director

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