OrcaCon Online December Update!

We wanted to give you a status update for OrcaCon Online. First, we’ll start with a quick summary, with more details below the list:

  • OrcaCon is going online on the same dates at OrcaCon 2021, January 8-10, 2021
  • OrcaCon Online is free, except for $2.00 registration ONLY for Scheduled Games
  • OrcaCon Online will take place in our Discord for games and Twitch for Panels & Workshops
  • We have an Exhibitor Hall! It’s free for Merchants, Publishers, and Communities
  • A Merch Store to support OrcaCon & the 2021 design by Valentine Barker will be up soon
  • We are still taking Panel & Workshop submissions

OrcaCon Online Dates:

We are hosting OrcaCon Online at the same time as OrcaCon 2021. We decided it was best to keep the dates for the online show to mirror the experience. During OrcaCon Online, we will open up registration for OrcaCon 2022, which will be in-person and at the Bellevue Hilton. The dates will be January 7-9, 2022. We should also have hotel reservations available, too!

OrcaCon Online is FREE, mostly!

Since we refunded everyone to their payment method or for a future EventBrite credit in 2022, we are using Tabletop Events to plan the show. The great thing is that it is inexpensive for everyone, and we can keep everything on the site to make it easy. If you have any questions about your OrcaCon Online or OrcaCon 2021 Registration, you can email info@orcacon.org .

  • Free: Playing games on the fly in our Discord. As example, someone may say in Discord, “I’m looking for more people to play Wingspan! Who wants to play?”. All that is free! You are welcome to join people’s games or ask people if they want to play in your pick up games. You can join our Discord here: https://go.orcacon.org/Discord Just click the link, read the rules, and introduce yourself.
  • Free: Panels & Workshops. All of our panels & workshops will be on our Twitch channel, so you do not need to sign up or register. The streaming schedule will be on our Tabletop Events site, but you do not need to register for it. It’s just a reference so you know when everything will happen. Be sure to follow our Twitch channel for updates and streams before and after the show: http://www.twitch.tv/OrcaCon
  • Not Free: Scheduled Games registration Tabletop Events charges $2.00 per person to register. You ONLY need to register for OrcaCon on Tabletop Events if you want a seat at one of the scheduled game events, which are mostly RPGs. You will be able to build a schedule for yourself, so you don’t miss anything. All scheduled events themselves are free, so it’s only the registration on the site you need to pay for. As a nod towards our commitment to accessibility, we understand that any fee will limit the amount of folks who can participate. We still have our Blackfish Scholarship, in case you and your family wish to apply. https://www.orcacon.org/2021/about/blackfish-scholarship/
  • See our current Event listings live! These are being updated every day – https://tabletop.events/conventions/orcacon-online/schedule

Exhibitor Hall

The great part about hosting the online show is that we can bring in more vendors, more communities, and publishers! For a current listing of all our exhibitors, go here: https://tabletop.events/conventions/orcacon-online/exhibitors We will also have an Exhibitor Hall chat channel on our Discord, so you can talk to folks about commissions, games, and the different communities who are participating. It’s free to participate, too! You can submit here: https://tabletop.events/conventions/orcacon-online/exhibitors/apply

Buy OrcaCon Merchandise

Since we are not hosting an in-person con, we want to have a way you can not just support OrcaCon with your orders, but also show off some really cool art for the convention. You will see past designs from Artist Guests of Honor, some of our volunteer designs from Chip, and a few that we have commissioned ourselves! Our 2021 Artist Guest of Honor is Valentine Barker. He is working on a design for us right now, and it will be available to order soon. Visit the OrcaCon Teepublic site today: https://www.teepublic.com/user/orcacon

If you would like to support Valentine further, here’s his online shop – https://valentinebarker.com/

Panels & Workshops

We are excited that we will have Special Guests for you running panels, workshops, and games. We invited all of the 2021 Guests to join us for the Online show. Some can particpate, and some cannot. But we have invited them all out again for OrcaCon 2022, with our focus on supporting and promoting Black creators in tabletop. You can see all of the invited 2021 Guests here: https://www.orcacon.org/2021/special-guests/ All the panels and workshops will be on our Twitch Channel, so be sure to follow us on Twitch!

The panels & workshops will also be listed on the Tabletop Events site, so you can see the schedule. You don’t need to register for the Panels & Workshops! They’re on the schedule just so you know when they’re happening. If you work in tabletop games, you can also submit panels & workshops. Our Programming Team will review your submissions and let you know if we have space for you. If you wish to submit a panel or workshop, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/6Aw3UPykthKHnNuj9

That’s our update! We know it is a lot of information to take in. If you have any questions at all, you can email us or contact us on our social media.

See you in January!

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