Valentine Barker, Artist Guest of Honor (He/Him)

Based in Portland, Oregon, Valentine is a freelance illustrator and comic artist originally from San Jose, California. He studied illustration at the California College of Arts and Crafts and spends his days drawing things that make him giggle while singing Portishead songs to his dachshunds, Maxfield and Hazel.

Omari Akil (He/Him/They/Them)

Omari Akil is a tabletop game designer, gaming content creator, and co-founder of Colorway Game Labs—a publishing company focused on developing inclusive games that celebrate Black Culture and Black History. Omari has designed a variety of published and soon to be published tabletop games including Rap Godz, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince: Summertime, Super Overtime, Home Alone: Keep the Change, Hoop Godz, and Critical Care.

Bianca Anderson (She/Her)

Bianca Anderson started her career in games by accident, and things escalated from there. She’s worked in recruiting operations as well as UX operations for Electronic Arts, and has spent years advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion in games. Bianca is also a huge fan of table top games, and has been attending and presenting at OrcaCon since 2017. After six year working for EA, Bianca chose to leave the professional gaming industry to explore new options. Now she’s happily (if stressfully) working in the non profit sector, but that doesn’t mean she’s lost interest in games! When she has the capacity she provides recruiting consulting to game companies, and is working to find ways to connect the gaming community to legal aid in order to help remove known predators from the community and convention circuit.

Vanessa B (She/Her)

Vanessa is a black, asexual part-time content creator on Twitch, focused on community building, charity, and transforming the gaming space. She reviews video games + gaming hardware/upcoming consoles, and is looking to be a gaming writer, commentator, and interview host. She is the lead artist for Into the Motherlands, and has been seen on: FlameCon, LiveWire, GenCon TV, St. Jude Play LIVE’s summit, Kotaku, New Power Fundraising, and Twitch Creator Camp with activations about getting started in the charity space.

Tanya DePass (She/Her)

Tanya is the Founder and Director of I Need Diverse Games, a not-for-profit organization based in Chicago. She’s part of Rivals of Waterdeep, an actual play D&D show on; the programming coordinator for OrcaCon & GaymerX; and often speaks on issues of diversity, feminism, race, intersectionality & other topics at conventions. She’s on the Board of Take This as well as a Stream Ambassador, and was part of the inaugural cohort of The Game Awards Future Class. Her work to make the industry more inclusive has been highlighted in Game Changer, Directed by Tina Charles, WNBA star & olympian as well as filmmaker. The short documentary premiered at Tribeca 2021, as part of the Queen Collective; an initiative started by Queen Latifah, supported by Proctor & Gamble in an effort to get more Black women into film making. Game Changer was also featured as part of BETHer’s 2021 Juneteenth Programming on 19 June 2021.

Omega Jones (He/They)

Omega Jones, also known as the Critical Bard, is a professional actor and vocalist from the Midwest. He is a TTRPG content creator & full-time partnered streamer on Twitch. He is the creator & host of the #BLACKAFRoundtable, a series of talks centered around black creators as they discuss the realities of racism within the tabletop and gaming communities, and is the theme song creator & vocalist for Critter Hug, a new single boosting show produced by Critical Role. He can be found on Twitter at @criticalbard & urges everyone to keep making treble wherever they go.

Eugenio Vargas (He/Him)

Eugenio is a streamer, podcaster, and game designer based in New York City. Credits include: DM and producer for The Last Refuge: A D&D Podcast; Storyteller for Into the Mother Lands; cast member on Rivals of Waterdeep; variety streamer on Twitch; and silver best-selling author and editor on the DM’s Guild. In his other life, he is an actor, singer, and music director who has performed in stage productions around the country. More information about all of the things he does is available on his website,