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Artist Guest of Honor – Aaron Bowersock 

Artist Guest of Honor Aaron Bowersock

Hi everyone! My name is Aaron, and for the past few years I’ve been working on a whimsical and vibrant Day of the Dead art mashup project called PopMuertos. What started with drawing sugar skull versions of ALL Gen 1 Pokemon, this project has now branched out into everything else I love- cartoons, movies, original characters, and even my corgi, Pickles! I grew up with these colors and patterns and have really enjoyed incorporating them in fun, new ways. And I hope you enjoy it too! You can find more work at or watch me draw, live on Twitch. Hope to see you around!

Special Guests

Special Guest Misha B

Misha B. – Misha Bushyager is a longtime gamer and designer working on making sure the next generation of geeks sees themselves represented. She’s a panelist, writer, editor, proofreader, and sensitivity reader for tabletop RPGs and larps. She’s one of the founders of New Agenda Publishing and a curator for More Seats at the Table.

She worked on Orun, #Feminism, Chill:SAVE, Lovecraftesque, Dead Scare, Misspent Youth:Sell Out With Me, Masks:Unbound, and the as yet unpublished larp Nightingales.

You can find her on Twitter @BGGAmeworks or on her website

Sarah Gulde

Sarah Gulde is a ginormous Trekkie and all-around geek! She has appeared on Trek panels across the country and internationally, and you can also catch her on various Trek podcasts as well as the Deep Space Nine documentary “What We Left Behind”. When she’s not attending cons she’s running “NERD CAMP” in Portland, OR, which is a mini-con with a focus on diversity and inclusion. Her favorites games are Kingsport Festival, Arkham Horror, and Call of Cthulhu.

Lynne Hardy

Lynne Hardy got into roleplaying games thanks to the Seahawks so, even thoughshe’s not watched a game in years, she’s always happy to come to Seattle for OrcaCon. Having originally trained as a biomedical researcher, she got into writing for RPGS after a cheeky letter to Wizards of the Coast. Now, far more years later than she’s prepared to admit, she’s written for numerous companies, including Nightfall Games, Pelgrane Press, Cubicle 7, and Modiphius, and worked as an editor for Green Ronin (amongst others). As well as developing her own steampunk and fantasy games (Cogs, Cakes & Swordsticks; Small Things), she is now employed full time by Chaosium as Associate Line Editor for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game. When she’s not doing that, she gives lectures and workshops on historical embroidery techniques.

Emma Larkins

Emma Larkins is a board game designer, creator of …and then we died, Abandon All Artichokes, and Heartcatchers. She hosts #TableTakes presented by Gen Con, a board game news show on Twitch, and Ludology, a podcast about the thoughtful analysis of game design. She writes about #gamedesigndaily on social media, streams live board game design, and runs a weekly playtest event for the Seattle Tabletop Game Designers. She’s spoken about game design on panels at PAX, PAX Dev, SHUX, DreamHack, and Twitch Con.

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