Quiet Room Rules

The purpose of our quiet room is to have a safe place for anyone who needs a break,  such as nursing mothers, folks with with sensory disorders, migraines, or individuals on the autism spectrum. This space is for attendees to take a break from the noise and excitement of the convention. Please keep the following rules to ensure a respectful and relaxing environment for all:

  • – Please keep conversations to an absolute minimum.
  • – Have phone ringers off.
  • – If you have to make or take a phone call please take it outside the quiet room.
  • – Nursing mothers are welcome, but this is NOT a play space for children.
  • – You may rest your eyes however this room is not intended for long naps.
  • – Small snacks are ok but please avoid snacks with strong smells.
  • – Scents such as perfume and cologne should be washed off before entering.


NOTE: Attendees not being respectful of others may be asked to leave the quiet room by the room’s assigned OrcaCon volunteer. Have questions about the Quiet Room? You can email accessibility@orcacon.org.