Demo Tables

Quick information about demo tables:

  • Demo Tables do not come with free registration.
  • We divide the Demo Table hours into slots, similar to scheduled games. You can sign up for numerous slots, but not camp all day at one table.
  • If you want to run sessions of your games outside of a demo table, you can submit through the regular games submission process. We will also start taking submissions for game sessions in the spring.


We have found that these tables are very good for showing off board and card games, but not so good for showing off RPGs. We suggest those of you looking to demo RPGs put full games on our schedule, as most people interested in RPGs seek to play full sessions of those games.

Demo Table Rules:

1 ) Demo Tables do NOT come with badges. You will need to have a badge to get in to OrcaCon to show your fine games.

2 ) Demo Tables are not guaranteed to come with a power source. There are some outlets on the wall behind the demo tables that you are welcome to use, if you need them. Please do not run video on loops at your tables.

3 ) Demo Tables are one of the few areas of the convention where pop up banners are allowed. If you have a pop up banner with your game or company name on it, you are welcome to use it.

4 ) Please arrive promptly at the beginning of your time slot, and please be ready to clear out a minute or two before the end of your time slot. Please be courteous and leave the area clean for the next demo.

If you are the last scheduled time slot of the day, feel free to stay a little longer if you still have people interested in your game. If you are the first scheduled shift, feel free to show up and set up a little early. If you must miss the convention or a time slot at the last minute, please email to let us know.

5 ) No sales are allowed at the demo tables. We have some game merchants in the Merchant Room who would be happy to consign games for you, so you can direct people to them to purchase.

6 ) No drawings are allowed at the demo tables. If you would like to hold a drawing, please try to hold it online. ( It’s fine if you want people to pick up a game they’ve won at your table, but we don’t want a cluster of people around your table spilling into the walkways around it waiting for you to pull a name out of a box. 

7 ) Once accepted, please ensure that the times of your demo slots are correct. Search for either the name of your game or the name of your company. If you have several games to show off, and know which slots you want to show them off in, please let us know and we can edit the entries accordingly.

8 ) If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to the Games Team at

9 ) Please have fun! Share your game!