OrcaCon Exhibitor Terms and Policies


Updated on March 18, 2024

Exhibitor: An Exhibitor is a person or company that has been approved to show their work or products at OrcaCon. This includes, but is not limited to, Merchants, Community Row organizations, Demo Table participants, and organized play associations.

Merchant: An Exhibitor that has been approved to sell their products and wares within the OrcaCon Merchant Hall.

General Exhibitor Terms

All Exhibitors at OrcaCon must agree to abide by all the policies we ask our attendees to follow:


In addition to the attendee policies – all Exhibitors must also abide by the following terms.

Exhibitors are prohibited from using the OrcaCon name, logo, and mascots on any products or related merchandise at the OrcaCon Convention as well as outside the OrcaCon Convention, unless given permission in writing to do so by an OrcaCon authorized representative. This includes, but is not limited to: handmade crafts, works of art, clothing, edibles, printed materials, and signage. All official OrcaCon merchandise will be sold from the OrcaCon “Merch” table. Any products represented as “official” OrcaCon merchandise or bearing the OrcaCon name and logo sold from other locations may be confiscated by OrcaCon staff. 

No illegal activity may be conducted at the OrcaCon Convention by the Exhibitor or Exhibitor’s employees/agents/representatives. This includes but is not limited to: sale of bootleg items, illegal services, substances, or any other item or service prohibited by the State of Washington or the City of Sea-Tac. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to determine the legality of their wares and services. 

Any material deemed inappropriate to the OrcaCon community and/or contrary to the stated mission of OrcaCon is not to be displayed openly and must be kept behind the table, or bagged. 

OrcaCon is not responsible for any lost or stolen merchandise.

Exhibitor assumes entire responsibility and hereby agrees to protect, indemnify, defend, and hold harmless OrcaCon and its respective volunteers and representatives against all claims, losses, and damages to persons or property, governmental charges or fines, and attorney fees arising out of, or caused by Exhibitor’s installation, removal, maintenance, occupancy, or use of the venue area or a part thereof.

Only Exhibitors designated as Merchants in our Merchant Hall, or recognized as special guests (such as Artist Special Guests), are allowed to sell merchandise. Community Row Exhibitors may engage in fundraising and donation activity.

Merchant Exhibitor Terms

For Merchant Exhibitors – the following additional terms apply:

OrcaCon agrees as follows: 

OrcaCon will provide booth/table space of at least 10’x10’ for Merchant or table space of at least 6’ to promote, advertise, and/or sell products or services.

OrcaCon allows Merchant to distribute coupons or other promotional material or products.  

OrcaCon makes reasonable good faith efforts to promote the convention in a manner that will be beneficial to marketing the Merchant/Merchant’s product at the convention. 

Merchant agree as follows: 

Merchant ensures there is a minimum of one Merchant representative present at each booth at any given time during Merchant Hall hours. Badges must be worn at all times during setup and break down, and for the duration of the OrcaCon Convention. 

Merchant understands the booth location is assigned at the sole discretion of OrcaCon. 

Merchant agrees to accept relocation to another space of comparable area should such relocation become necessary as determined by OrcaCon.

To support OrcaCon attendees and our focus on accessibility, Merchant agrees to not sell any scented products.

OrcaCon reserves the right to deny the sale of any items by the Merchant.

All items must be in place by 10:00 A.M. on Friday, January 10th, 2025. Dismantling may not begin before 4:00 P.M. on Sunday, January 12th, 2025 without notifying OrcaCon.

In the event that the Hotel or any part of the Merchant Hall area is unavailable, whether for the entire OrcaCon Convention or a portion thereof, as a result of fire, flood, government intervention, or any other cause outside of OrcaCon’s control, or should OrcaCon decide it necessary, as a result of these causes, to cancel, postpone, move the event, reduce set-up, break down, or Merchant Hall hours, OrcaCon shall not be liable to indemnify or reimburse Merchant for any resulting damage or loss.

Merchants at OrcaCon are responsible for collection and payment of Washington State Retail Sales Tax. The Merchant must provide the OrcaCon Merchant Coordinator with either a UBI Number or Tax Registration Number. If a Merchant participates without a valid number, any fines incurred will be passed on to the Merchant. To receive a Washington State Temporary Tax Registration Number, Merchant must apply 3 weeks in advance of EACH show participated in. Log onto www.dor.wa.gov to download forms. Email a copy of all License numbers to merchants@orcacon.org at least 2 weeks prior to the convention. For more information call: 360.621.4736 (follow the prompts to speak with Tax Representative) 

Questions? Contact our Merchant Coordinator at Merchants@orcacon.org