Games at OrcaCon

OrcaCon 2022 will have around-the-clock gaming, starting at 10:00am on Friday, and ending at 6:00pm Sunday. We will have a Play & Win Library, an Open Play Library, Scheduled Games, Tournaments, and Demo Tables.

Open Play

A huge amount of OrcaCon is all about people playing games with their friends, or playing games with other attendees. We have a lot of open play tables scattered around the hotel, from the 1st floor and above. We’ll have smaller table areas, and there are two large ballrooms full of open play tables. We’ll be featuring two Open Play libraries, one in each ballroom.

Our Games Admin Tables in each Ballroom is there for you to get assistance with Sched, our scheduling software, along with helping you find a great game or more players. We’ll have even more LFG (Looking for Group) signs, so you can get more players when you bring your own games or borrow something from one of our libraries.

Scheduled Games

If you wish to submit a game for our schedule, you find more information on the Submissions page. We take submissions for all kinds of games. We’re especially looking for introductory level RPGs and newbie friendly board/card games. We are also looking for kids games, dexterity games, and story games. Got a tournament you’d like to run? You can submit that, too. Keep an eye out for more information on games submissions!

Due to the inclusive nature of our convention, we do not allow the following games in the public convention spaces, due to their content or theme:

  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Secret Hitler
  • Tanto Cuore
  • Kingdom Death
  • Commissioned
  • Lamentations of the Flame Princess
  • Reality Check: The Game of Privilege
  • Virtue Signal: the Game of Social Justice


Demo Games

If you’re a game publisher, with a finished game, you can submit for a Demo Table. We do our Demo Tables in shifts, so you’re not stuck behind a table all day long. If you’re looking to sell your game at the convention, we can work with you and our Game Store Merchants to sell for you. Keep an eye out for more information about submitting a game to demo!

 Game Library

If you are a game publisher or creator and want to donate your game(s), please contact us at and we’ll coordinate getting your games on our tables. Our amazing Game Hosts will be happy to learn your games and teach them to our attendees!