Volunteering at OrcaCon

The OrcaCon volunteers are the soul of the convention. We believe that a feeling of warmth, welcome, and inclusion starts with our volunteers. This is a team who are passionate about games, care about conventions, and love improving someone’s days as they go.

As an OrcaCon volunteer, you could be:

  • •  Lending a hand with Registration
  • •  Answering questions at Info Desk
  • •  Coordinating the Games room as a Games Admin
  • •  Teaching your favorite games as a Game Host
  • •  And more!

 All volunteers create that welcoming environment to all!

Interested? Our official application is now available!


 Submit an Application to Volunteer at OrcaCon 2023!



Year-round Volunteers

We also have a few year-round planning needs, with more coming as we figure out our needs for 2023. Have an idea of a way to make OrcaCon even better? Volunteer and help us make it happen! Got Volunteer questions? Email Shannon at  volunteer@orcacon.org

Games Department Needs:

Games Demo Coordinator ( Reports to Games Department Head )

  • Evaluate and edit Game Demo submission page and Google form.
    • Work with the Games Department Head for proper rules, to be posted on the submission page.
  • Timeline: Demo Table submissions open in June. Close in August. Chosen and notified in September. Scheduled in October. 
  • Monitor submissions when the Demo Table application goes live.
  • Cull inappropriate submissions.
  • Notify chosen Demo Table companies.
  • Schedule Demo Tables in October, and notify companies of exact times.
  • Seek out other demo table opportunities. 
  • Print out schedules for each demo table in the main game room.
  • Enter blurbs for demo slots into Sched, our planning software

Game Tournaments Coordinator ( Reports to Games Department Head )

  • Timeline: Game Submissions go live in June. Tournament Submissions close in September. Scheduling begins in October.
  • Work with Games Scheduling Coordinator to identify which submissions fall under Tournaments.
  • Reach out to game companies who might be interested in running tournaments
  • Is available onsite during setup to answer questions for tournament hosts & players
  • Enter blurbs for demo slots into Sched, our planning software


Marketing & Promotions Needs:

Public Relations Coordinator (Reports to Public Relations Director )

  • Press releases: Initial and follow up press release to media about OrcaCon a few months before convention. Initial release conducted if warranted; i.e. COVID rules update, sudden cancellation on con, exciting new guest or new event.
  • Email reporters and influencers about convention.
  • Provide link to media badge request form and follow up with registration
  • Provide and update as needed media policy.
  • Accept/reject request for media badges.
  • Assist and support the media when visiting con.
  • Schedule interviews for media if requested.
  • Conduct media events or media tours as needed.
  • Skills needed: Good grasp of English language (grammar, spelling, format), knowledge of AP style of writing, good public and interpersonal communication skills, experience with writing press releases and initial releases, relationships with media, knowledge and experience with grants. 
  • Time: Only a few hours a quarter with increased hours closer to the convention. Must be on site and available during con to be on call for media requests and support. 


Marketing Department Lead (Reports to Con Chair)

  • Represents OrcaCon in the community by dealing with enquiries from the public through social media and marketing efforts.
  • Develops and oversees the marketing and communications plan to implement tactics 
  • Oversees the Newsletter Coordinator, who publishes OrcaCon’s quarterly and monthly newsletter in Mailchimp.
  • Tracks marketing efforts and monitor results
  • Assists in developing marketing materials with OrcaCon’s Graphic Designer
  • Ensure new communication campaigns and programs are aimed at reaching recruitment and fundraising targets
  • Build and manage the communications activities, timeline and budget
  • Oversees the OrcaCon Street Team
  • Orders marketing materials and act as the liaison to our designer and printer
  • Create content such as blogs for OrcaCon’s website


Street Team Coordinator (Reports to Marketing Department Lead)

  • Research and coordinate other conventions and events where OrcaCon would have a table, such as PAX West, Emerald City Comic Con, Pride Events, Charity Events and other pre-convention events.
  • Coordinates with the Marketing Lead to get printed materials for the events and for Orcacon volunteers to put in game stores, comic stores, and other opportunities for flyers and posters. 
  • Coordinates with the Volunteer Lead to staff our booths at events and train them to speak for OrcaCon


Social Media Coordinator (Reports to Marketing Department Lead)

  • Develop and implement a social media strategy
  • Create content for OrcaCon’s social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Monitor online activity to ensure following established guidelines
  • Encourage greater social media participation
  • Identify opportunities to influence public perception through audience engagement
  • Create assets from convention such as videos and images for social media engagement during and after the convention
  • Capture images and video at the convention to share on social media during OrcaCon


BIPOC Lounge Coordinator (Reports to Venue Manager)

  • Coordinate with the venue team to set up coffee & tea service for the lounge which is the Presidential Suite. 
  • Coordinate with Venue Team to create signage for the lounge so visitors know what to expect and the hours available
  • Create a list of food & beverages (snacks, sodas, and the like) and manage them through the weekend. 
  • Open & Close the lounge during set hours, notifying the venue team on needs for cleaning & restocking of tea & coffee service


Merchant Hall & Exhibitor Coordinator (Reports to Venue Manager)

  • Coordinate the presence of Merchant Hall Vendors and Community Row organizations.
  • Evaluate and edit Merchant Hall and Community Row documentation
    • Contracts
    • Web Pages (coordinate with web team)
    • Application Forms
    • Setup Information
  • Monitor submissions when Merchant and Community Row applications go live.
  • Email last year’s Merchants & others showing interest when applications go live
  • Monitor merchants@orcacon.org email address daily during the application period. Answer or direct questions to appropriate parties.
  • Coordinate jurying of applicants with the Board after applications close.
  • Notify chosen merchants, and those on the waitlist. Send contracts and information.
  • Create a Google Sheet of chosen merchants. 
  • Keep in contact with merchants, coordinate with other departments as necessary.
    • ( Programs, Registration, etc. )
  • Coordinate with Venue Coordinator to build floor plan
  • Send setup information to Merchants and Community Row exhibitors


Sponsorship Coordinator

  • Reach out to local businesses for sponsorship opportunities 
  • Respond to sponsorship inquiries via the application form
  • Coordinate Sponsor assets with web/program/social media teams
  • Evaluate and Sponsorship documentation
    • Contracts
    • Web Pages (coordinate with web team)
    • Application Forms
    • Setup Information if Sponsor will be onsite for OrcaCon