To acknowledge the traditional territory is to recognize its longer history, reaching beyond colonization and the establishment of European colonies, as well as its significance for the Indigenous peoples who lived and continue to live upon this territory, and whose practices and spiritualities were tied to the land and continue to develop in relationship to the land and its other inhabitants today.

As a step toward honoring the truth and achieving healing and reconciliation, our organization commits to open all public events and gatherings with a statement acknowledging the traditional Native lands on which we stand. OrcaCon, in Bellevue WA, recognizes the stolen land belonging to the Duwamish (dxʷdəwʔabš) people of the Coastal Salish tribes. Statements become truly meaningful when coupled with authentic relationships and sustained commitment. We therefore commit to move beyond words into programs and actions that fully embody a commitment to Indigenous rights and cultural equity.

To support the Duwamish people with us, please visit these links:

Duwamish Tribe

Real Rent Duwamish


Want to know more about the Indigenous people of your location? Visit https://native-land.ca/

Take the #HonorNativeLands pledge: https://usdac.us/nativeland