Food Trucks

We’ve got Food Trucks! Food Trucks have become an exciting and popular feature of OrcaCon, and we want to keep making our food truck experience even better in OrcaCon 2023.

Food trucks are located outside the main doors to the convention, and are scheduled from early in the morning (coffee!) to late at night. Some of our favorite food trucks who have joined us in previous years include:


(Note: While we always hope that these food trucks can join us again, it is up to their availability this coming year. Check back here for this year’s schedule as we get closer to OrcaCon 2023!)

If you wish to suggest a food truck for us to invite or have some dietary needs you’d like us to cover, reach out to and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

If you’re a Food Truck proprietor, you can email and let us know which time slot(s) and dates work for you.